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Re: Bungie's Destiny

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Hey, this sounds really cool. I've always wanted an MMOFPS and I really think th --

IGN FAQ wrote:
No PC version?

Nope. Bungie consistently referred to Destiny as a “console shooter.”
Uh, why?

Bungie wrote:
We made the game run without a mouse and keyboard. And now nobody plays shooters the way they used to play them before Halo 'cause nobody wants to."

I . . . They're seriously missing out on a huge opportunity if they don't bring it to PC. For a franchise they hope to spend 10 years on . . . I'd rather upgrade my PC every few years than play on a 10 year old console or have to buy a whole new console a few years later.
We're so close to the next console generation that I think 360 and PS3 versions of destiny will be nearly pointless.
PC is heavily burdened by software piracy whereas with consoles it's very hard to pull off.. you can try and chip your console but chances are high that sooner or later your console will get banned when you go online (thus not being able to play games like Destiny).

Add this to the big (and nearly confirmed rumors) that both Sony and MS will implement a feature that will lock a game to your console and suddenly the console market becomes a safe bet.

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Interesting concept but seems the only way the game will achieve its potential is to go on next gen consoles and also PC would be so much better.
It will be one of the hot titles for the next gen consoles.. maybe a bit too late to be a starter title if the PS4 and 720 go on sale for christmas season but it may well be a title that will push both consoles much like Halo did for the XBox.

Naturally they can't confirm they're developing for the next gen because both companies haven't made the official announcements and i bet the NDA's are quite strict but the tech may be locked for a year now to allow developers to produce games for the initial release.

PC is more powerful but it's also way more expensive and at times more difficult to program/debug for because of the infinite hardware/software combinations possible.. i believe Bungie will concentrate on the consoles as they're easier to program for and a safer business decision.

Personally the concept sounds very intriguing but at this stage it's more hype than anything. Molyneux's name already came up and the current news about Destiny just reek of his style.
I like Molyneux games very much but none of them even remotely approached the capabilities he boasted about. However i have faith in Bungie.. they developed one heck of a cool universe with Halo and created one of the most iconic videogame character ever so i'm positive that the creative part of the game will be amazing.. how game design and functionality will end up is anyone's guess but at worst it'll be a good title to occasionally waste a few hours on.
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