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Re: TheGodBen Revisits Deep Space Nine

Definitely. I know that the producers were struggling with the budget by the end, hence why we ended up with stock CGI footage in the final battle. I suppose they couldn't justify spending money on making the new Defiant actually look new, which is a shame. It totally lessens the impact the end of The Changing Face of Evil had.

It's even almost comparable to VOY's shuttle situation.

Nah, I'm just being dramatic.

When It Rains... is Penumbra-style setup again, but more interesting, and with no Ezri/Worf subplot, and thus instantly better. I loved seeing Kira helping the Cardassians organise their resistance, which brings her character full circle. The lack of discussion about Ziyal was a bit of a shame though. I would think that someone would bring it up, just to get it mentioned for the sake of mentioning it.

Gowron on DS9 is a bit of an idiot compared to how he was on TNG. But I suppose in Way of the Warrior, and now these couple of episodes, he's merely serving a purpose. And Robert O'Reilly is always so game and just lives in the role, so it's easy to get drawn into all of the drama.
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