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Re: Buying Trek autographs

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Two part question guys; firstly, I'm considering buying Gary Lockwood's autograph from his website (, but I suspect it may be out of date - the contact page states 'credit card and form coming soon' and there have been no developments since 2009. Has anyone purchased an autograph from this site recently, just so I know I'll get it if I send my money away?

Secondly, could some of you recommend me sites I could buy other Trek related autographs?

Thanks in advance.
Seeing as you asked, I guess it's OK to suggest eBay. I think there is also a link at where you can shop for various Trek-related stuff --- don't know if it includes autographed pics, but you can take a look.

A lot of people on this site go to trek conventions. If you're unable to attend yourself, contact someone and ask if they'll get the autograph for you. Autograph tickets cost money (and you can either supply a photo on your own or include money to buy a photograph). has a really great site of screencaps of all the Trek series and movies that you can download and print out. That's where I get my pics for autographs.
I recommend if you're going to print your own photos, that you select light colored images. If you pick a dark image the actors use a silver marker and the silver rubs off easily if you're not careful.
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