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Re: New Frontier?

King Daniel wrote: View Post
I haven't yet read the Pike entry in The Captain's Table, but I suspect it's depiction of Number One may not jibe with the Morgan Primus of NF.
Well Morgan doesn't really jibe with the humorless, canonical Number One of "The Cage" anyway. Morgan's personality is more Lwaxana Troi, and celebrates her emotional outbursts about her love for her daughter.

Freman wrote: View Post
Also, isn't it never actually confirmed that Morgan Primus is Number One from Pike's Enterprise? So that really would dismiss any differences in the books.
It's never been confirmed. When pressed, PAD used to say that Morgan Primus was the New Frontier role that would have been played by Majel Barrett.

In the IDW comic mini-series, we saw Morgan's holographic appearance - and she was a dead ringer for Number One of "The Cage", right down to the collar on her uniform top.

There was a bit on an in-print/online altercation between Jerry Oltion and PAD regarding Oltion calling Number One "Lefler" in his Pike novel. Oltion claimed that PAD had told him the characters were one and the same - and PAD disagreed that he ever said it. Oltion namedropping her surname didn't really work, unless the decades-future Mr Lefler, Robin's Dad, took one of his wife's old names when they were married.
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