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Re: TOS: Allegiance in Exile by DRGIII Review Thread (Spoilers!)

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Having a real problem motivating myself to continue reading this.
I can't recall ever being able to say that about my first reading of a ST novel, although there have been a few re-readings where I've started, but given up.

q.v. my thread in the "Science Fiction and Fantasy" forum, about Moon Hoax. Now with THAT, just about the only thing that kept me reading was the possibility of finding out what would motivate the Chinese to do something so expensive, risky, and generally asinine: no nation-state goes to that much trouble and expense without something a lot bigger to be gained. And I regard the author's failure to provide a believable motivation by the end of the book as a breach of contract.

But I didn't have any trouble maintaining interest in the present DRG opus, although I've already noted places where it feels like it was written for readers who'd never even heard of Star Trek, and thus seems a bit patronizing to the reader.
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