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Re: The Orb - a new DS9 podcast

Loved your conversation about Quark today. He really was a fascinating character, and while he was Mischivous in the early going (And watching up through If Wishes were Horses, you can really see how much toned down he was in the later episodes) he developed so much over the years. I think one thing that struck me was his bravery, which you guys mentioned with Shadows and Symbols and Siege of AR-558, but there were other times he showed qualities that made him much more than your typical ferengi which I'm surprised you didn't mention. The two Grilka episodes, House of Quark and Looking for Par 'mach in all the Wrong places were really great Quark episodes. Also, you guys mentioned he got a conscience after Bar Association, but I think the change happened a lot more after the episode Business as usual, where he was getting into the Weapon Selling business.

Also, in regards to your last point, the Ferengi episodes are really mis-judged in my opinion. Yeah they were a little on the dumb side, but that was how they were written. They were also written with a subtle seriousness and becomes all the more clear when you rewatch the series. The best example of this was the Second Season's (Here I go with my love for Season 2 again ) Rules of Acquisition. Here we see the start of the Farengi woman movement, and we have a love story that ends tragically because of the rules at the time. This sets the stage for Quark's mother and eventual love with Zek (And I was amused you guys called him Zeke, like e"zek"iel). I do agree though, it's been a long time since I've seen Profit and Lace. On this rewatch I'm going to try to not skip episodes, even though Valient and Profit and Lace are my least favorite two episode stretch of the series.
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