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Re: So many horrible characters aboard the Voyager

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A ship that's decades away from home with enemies forced to live/work together in a setting where viewers are used to seeing everything run smoothly and get repaired quickly...I think the potential is there for a groundbreaking Trek show if they took more risks early on.
A ship that isn't really lost since it knows exactly how to get home, which cuts out a plot that would've allowed them to spend time in one area of space and get to flesh out the local aliens much better.

Also, if something is broken it can never be repaired, ever, otherwise the premise is violated (no support, remember?). They can never ever make an allies or trade with anyone because that violates the "No Support" clause too.

Anyone who dies can never ever be replaced, because to get some new crewmembers from any alien worlds they encounter would violate the "No support" clause again. And they can't train replacements either.

So basically, they have no reason to stick around and flesh out their surroundings, they have no reason to do any "visit a planet" type story because that might violate the "No support" plot. They can't take any lingering damage because there'd be no way to fix it, they can't kill off anyone important because there'd be no way around that or to get replacements.

They also can't do anything big and cool like save the Galaxy from some extragalactic invasion because that'd make them "too important" for one small ship (they tried that with "Scorpion" and the 8472 aliens and no one liked it).

That's pretty damn constrained.

And the internal tensions were never going to be that good either because the Maquis weren't set up properly as "the second crew" to conflict with the Fleeters. Even if they were, after 1-2 seasons it wouldn't make any sense for them to still act like enemies unless they were truly disturbed individuals.
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