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Re: TOS movie era Novels?

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Does the New Earth series have any continuity errors with the 'new' continuity novels, or does it fit?
It's a bit iffy in how it interprets the post-TMP period. The historian's note at the opening puts it shortly after TMP, yet has Spock already a captain and Chekov already leaving for Reliant, which conflicts with most of the previous and subsequent post-TMP novels, which generally assume a second 5-year mission post-TMP. The official Pocket Timeline in Voyages of the Imagination bumped it forward to after that second 5YM, which mostly resolves that issue, I think. (Placed there, I think it fits fairly well with what I established about the pre-TWOK period in Mere Anarchy: The Darkness Drops Again, but perhaps not perfectly.) But I'm not sure if there are any other issues.
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