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Re: MLB Offseason 2012

I think people are really overrating the Orioles and the Tigers. In the Orioles' case, they played completely over their heads -- they aren't going to get a 111 OPS+ out of Nate McLouth again, and they have huge holes, offensively speaking, at 2B and SS. Their rotation and bullpen have huge question marks, too. They're due to regress in a big way this season.

And the Tigers ... well, I've said it before, but they fell completely ass-backwards into the playoffs and needed (and got) a pretty epic collapse on the part of the White Sox in order to make the postseason, and they're going to be trotting out the corpses of Torii Hunter and Victor Martinez on a daily basis. The two-headed monster of Sanchez and Porcello at the back of the rotation is pretty nasty, too. Also, given how huge they are, there's no guarantee that Cabrera or Fielder won't just fall apart at some point (or if they somehow collide, which I think would produce a singularity).
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