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Re: Star Wars The Clone Wars Season Five News and Discussion

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Was it obviously Palpatine force-choking the prisoner?
I swear there was a Vader breath noise during that scene.
I thought that sound was just TCW's take on that oppressive rumble heard in ANH, TESB, and ROTS whenever Vader Force-choked someone. If so, that would suggest that it's a Sith or Dark Jedi doing the choking. Could it be Dooku, and he was masquerading as the Jedi he once was? We're kinda short on suspects here.
My money is on Maul.

- Sidious said he had plans for him at the end of the last arc now that he's his lackey again.
- Both Palpatine and Dooku are too high-profile to be sneaking around a prison on Coruscant, and it's not really their style. That's more of a henchman's job and in keeping with the kind of things Maul has done in the past in the EU (Darth Maul: Shadow Hunter had him sneaking around the Coruscant underworld).
- Since the last three episodes of the Maul arc were originally supposed to be aired with Revival at the beginning of the season before they split them apart, it would have been a relatively long gap between the two arcs before, and not an immediate follow-up with Maul again right after his previous arc.
- But the fact that they moved it to the back end to possibly pair it with this arc could indicate that they want to link the two and keep Maul fresh in people's minds.
- If he's appearing in this arc again, it would give Obi-Wan a last chance for closure both in bringing Satine's killer to justice or finishing him if he refuses to surrender (which he will) and for an epic battle with Maul to finish what he started on Naboo.
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