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Re: Do you believe there is someone for every person?

There's really no need for such skepticism.

To me, "true love" is what you get when your BFF just happens to make your special parts tingle. It's really that simple.

We've all loved someone unconditionally, whether it be for a parent, sibling, child, or best friend. "Romantic love" is those same unconditional feelings seasoned with dash of sexual attraction. (Add to taste.)

Those feelings can be either the result of first sight gooey-eyes, or need to be cultivated and realized over a long time because of outside intervening circumstances. And that person can be found anywhere: the local dance club, the condiment isle between the ketchup and Caesar, or even your favorite Internet forum.

There really isn't some kind of magic formula to it. Have patience and stay positive. Tell yourself "I'm never going to find a partner," and that's exactly what will happen.
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