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Re: Star Trek Enterprise: The most "likable" cast?

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The same one Picard and Company were practicing in the 24th century.
No. Very different than what Picard and Company were practicing. Vulcans were telling humans not to rush out into space because it is dangerous. That would be considered a violation of the prime directive. Picard and Company would have hid and watched a race meet distruction trying to rush into space.
Which simply isn't true, I point to the TNG season four episode First Contact.
What is not true?

We know the Vulcans tried to get the humans to avoid rushing out into space because it is a dangerous place. That was pointed out in several first season Enterprise episodes. So that is true.

We know that Picard believed the prime directive held even if it meant extinction of a race. Better to let them die than to interfere with their development. Stupid, but true as evidenced in several TNG episodes.

I'm not sure what you are saying is not true, unless you are talking about your own statement.
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