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Re: Time for my question about an Insurrection incongruity.

Well, the best way for the few to conquer the many is by winning allies among them. A few hundred Spanish conquistadors didn't overthrow the Aztec Empire alone; they partnered with the oppressed Mexica peoples who were eager to throw off the empire's brutal yoke, used their manpower to conquer the capital (with a lot of help from smallpox), then put themselves at the top of the existing institutions of power and subverted them to their own ends, becoming the new oppressors of the very people they'd worked with to overthrow the old oppressors.

So maybe the Son'a did something similar. Maybe their empire was originally the empire of one or both of their slave races, and they managed to take it over, a relative few of them using its existing authority infrastructure and resources to maintain a hold over the masses and use their numbers to extend their power across worlds.
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