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Re: Skyfall - Grading & Discussion

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007 is also not an expert in IT so I wouldn't expect him to suddenly turn into Harry Enfield and go "Ere, Q, you don't wanna do it like that, you want to do it like this..."
Really? Did you not see Casino Royale, in which he was able to track a cell phone using M's personal computer?

No offense, but I can't really take anyone seriously who defends this plot point. Bond was shown in this same movie to be wary of Q's youth and inexperience. He knew Q had caused a massive explosion in MI6 via hacking alone. And, as we've seen in Quantum of Solace, when he told the airline girl she was about to get a call inquiring where he was headed, he knows a thing or two about how fast modern and sophisticated modern computing is.

Maybe he took a few too many hits to the head before Istanbul, because Skyfall's Bond is a lot dumber than CR/QoS'.
The trouble with Casino Royale is that it portrays Bond by turns as an idiot and a genius (just check out his surveillance techniques in Miami airport.)

Knowing how fast modern computing is is somewhat removed from being anywhere near the level of technical expertise that Silva and Q are meant to have. The trouble is you want to argue both ways, you berate Bond for questioning M's competence whilst also berating him for not questioning Q's!

And let's face it, Mallory and co were quite right...

But, you know, you hate Skyfall so keep picking. Does it have flaws, yup, do I still love it, yup.
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