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Re: Does season 4 of enterprise have closure like DS9's finale had?

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I don't need closure since I know what happens in the 24 seasons of Star Trek that follow it.
Unfortunately (for me at any rate) that seemed to be the consensus.

One that ultimately renders any prequel or drama set in our past (come to think of it) completely worthless.
I don't think thats the case about prequels at all. Just because you know how it ends, doesn't mean interesting stories can't be told about how we got from there to here. The very best give added meaning to their source material.

For example...
Well yes, I really already knew and enjoyed all that! Enterprise being my favourite modern-era Trek.

I was really just bemoaning the lack of a 5th Season onwards, and the fact teacake's "I get closure watching the other shows" is the prevailing opinion.
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