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Re: Young Justice, Green Lantern return January 5th

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I've watched these shows from the beginning and hate that they're being cancelled. Why can't Cartoon Network rotate Green Lantern/Young Justice with the new shows? That way, there's new episodes most of the time. If CN is blaming the ratings, they didn't help themselves with the erractic schedule or the abrupt hiatus last Oct. Why should I bother watching the new shows anyway? Most likely, they're going to be treated the same way.
From what I've seen I think CN thinks of their programming as "product" in the coldest sense. You move it while it's hot, drop it when it's not and there's not much sympathy involved.

That said, they do seem to give a free hand to creators to try things so it's not all negative. I think YJ and GL knew enough to think in terms of season plotting so I think at least the season's threads will have a conclusion.
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