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Re: So many horrible characters aboard the Voyager

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Voyager is frequently dumb and mediocre but people exaggerate how bad it is. Mainly because it had the potential to be the best series.
Not really, if they had given the show a bigger premise than "Lost ship" then there'd be more potential. But as it is, the premise was rather constraining.
A ship that's decades away from home with enemies forced to live/work together in a setting where viewers are used to seeing everything run smoothly and get repaired quickly...I think the potential is there for a groundbreaking Trek show if they took more risks early on. But they didn't come anywhere close to reaching the potential of what it could have been (in my opinion, anyway). I still need to watch the later seasons so I can't opine about the show as a whole, but the early seasons -- while they were okay -- didn't do what I hoped/expected they would given the initial setup. I was expecting things to be broken and then repaired with atypical materials, which did happen from time to time -- but as the series progresses, the vessel and the sets should always be changing with new materials, altering the look of the ship/sets in a major way. For the most part, Voyager always looked squeaky clean. I was expecting them to acquire new tools, clothing, etc., then wear the new clothing because their existing uniforms wore out or were ripped/burned on missions. I expected them to perhaps have a rough landing on a planet and be forced to stay there for several episodes hiding or waiting for repairs. I definitely expected more fighting between Federation officers and the Maquis on an ongoing basis -- perhaps to the point that they eventually split up permanently on two ships, then for the remainder of the series we see the journey of these two separate groups. Maybe even have episodes where they must fight each other (on their separate ships) and cause setbacks for each other -- then other episodes where they reluctantly work together. Things like that, and there's so much more that could have been done. More serial drama, more risks. So yes, I saw a lot of potential given the premise.
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