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Re: The Walking Dead Season 3

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Was anyone else pretty underwhelmed by the zombie dump in the prison by Woodbury? I mean when I saw the truck go crashing through the gate I figured it would have guys in full on military body armor jump out and try to take-over the prison... Then we got a buncha walkers and is it supposed to be something "OMG. LOOK AT WHAT THEY DID TO THE PRISON?" effect on the viewer?

Darn Woodbury they just dumped a couple dozen walkers into a prison yard where the group have already killed 10 times...20 times... or more that many walkers already.

It's almost like they just dumped a flaming bag of poop on their doorstep and rang the bell and then ran away.
I don't think the Governor wants to kill them so quick, he wants to terrify them and torture them.
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