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^ Why would the GQ Dominion be as vulnerable as the AQ powers? They just spent 2 years not fighting a war on home ground. Their loss might see a rise of rebellious activity inside their borders due to a chink in their aura of invincibility, but with the return of their AQ forces the GQ Dominion would be stronger, not weaker
Why are you pointing at my post and using words I never used. I said more vulnerable, not weaker. 4 powers running on a military economy who hate your guts vs 2 running on a civilian economy plus a big ally in Cardassia make a pretty big difference.

Without Alpha Quadrant fortifications and strongholds the Alliance could kick the Dominion off the rebellious Gamma worlds who hate the Dominion and start damaging their major facilities. It is the difference between losing Saigon (Who cares) and Boston (Crap).

They are more vulnerable to attack, not less even with a extra troops. They don't want Fed, Car, Klg, Rom Alliance Ships smashing the Gamma Quadrant is all.

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