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Re: "Best of both Worlds" - Special Bluray Release

With each appearance of the Borg, they got more convoluted.

First, they were bees. Technology was their pollen. Humans were ignored, just like a bee would ignore you until you swatted at it.

Then in BOBW, they changed by assimilating people. Yet they retained the "they will ignore us until they view us as a threat" part of the Borg, which no longer makes sense if their goal is to assimilate PEOPLE. People became the "pollen."

I, Borg and Descent just confirms what we saw at the end of BOBW - that a Borg drone can regain individuality.

Then in First Contact, we're introduced to many things. First, they have the ability to time travel - so why did they fly all the way to 24th century Earth when they could have assimilated the past from any place in the past?

Then they added a queen. That's a good way to prevent how they lost the last time. They were tricked into regenerating. If there's an individual at the top, she could prevent that vulnerability. Except the movie claimed there was always a queen, and was on the original cube, which is dumb. How does an individual fall for the same "sleep" command as the collective? The retcons make no sense.

Then there was Voyager, which I would like to forget. Even when the Borg want to assimilate humanoids at every encounter, they'll still ignore you on their ship until you act threatening. Whatever.
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