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Re: My view on a new Trek series.

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No, STNG had 83 stories to draw from, there are now over 700.
Doesn't make a single bit of difference, because a future Trek series really doesn't need to refer to more than one or two things from the past, and only then in passing. Heck, TOS had to invent a history like the Eugenics Wars and the Romulan Wars. It'd be no different if a future character namedrops the Dominion War or the Borg Offensives in a conversation and leaves it at that.
The problem are the fans that love canon-porn and think that is the only way to tell a story.
It's a universal fact that no Trek series or film will please everyone.

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I agree with C.E. A jump in time is what really worked for TNG, it allowed it to not be beholden to that continuity.
But where does that leave the technology on the show at?
It depends solely on what the new creators, producers, and writers want to do with it. I could see such a group taking a Star Trek XI approach to it in that they don't spend a whole lot of time explaining it with technobabble (the "Keep It Simple, Stupid" method). Warp drive, phasers, transporters, and some sort of torpedo system is all a Trek series really needs. They could just say it's all more powerful or advanced than the stuff a century ago and leave it at that.
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