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Re: Star Trek: INS- Son'a/Dominion Question

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Meanwhile there's really nothing to stop the So'na from sharing their particles with the Dominion
This is after the Dominion War ended
So they specifically said when the film takes place, because it could be either way and since the person I am responding to is of the opinion that Insurrection takes place during the war that's why I'm pointing that problem out.

Yes because one group staying on another group's good side when they haven't gotten what they wanted yet an as such still need good relations with the other group to get it really shows how they act after not needing that other group anymore.

News flash you can't say for certain if the Son'a would screw the Feds over or not until they got the particles and considering Ru'afo doesn't particularly like the federation given his rant about how much harder federation procedure and politics made everything and his belief that all Picard had to do to put a stop to everything was complain to the council I think the Feds would get screwed over.

"Ran out" as in the amount they harvest runs out since the simulation kind of looks like the rings are destroyed meaning no new source of particles

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it would help by doubling the life-span of your available troops
Also would enable the Federation to rejuvenate long retired experienced personnel, pull them out of retirement.

Which doesn't help with getting shot or spaced or blown into little pieces

And it doesn't matter if the entire ship wasn't destroyed the poor bastards standing the the section that were still probably got spaced if they were standing in it when the section was destroyed like Kirk was thought to have been in Generations and if not blasted by shrapnel is still a possibility and Riker and Garrett didn't look like they were getting up again in Yesterday's Enterprise after they got hit with it.

So no I don't think magic youth particles mean jack in a war.

you can't negate the value of the particles just by continually bringing up random scenarios where they don't help. It's just silly. It's like saying that tanks don't help armies that much because after all, you can't use them to clean the soldiers' clothes. Well yes, you've got me there, tanks don't clean soldiers' uniforms, therefore you've shown them to be useless in a war.
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