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Re: Russia reports amazing meteorite strike

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It was the number one story on NBC Nightly News!

"The Russian meter, the close comet, the California light, are we safe? ARe you going to die? Is the end near?! We will ask some dumbass who can't read the script! Then have more on Dateline!"

As a child I saw a massive comet in the sky, it didn't explode, then when I was hiking in 2002 there was a massive boom, then an Earthquake. They claimed it was a meteorite that crashed in upstate NY, but they never found the crash site. These things happen. The Russian one is scary, but rocks ht the Earth every day, most we don't need to worry about.
This is one of those cases where I approve of wild over-reaction on the part of the public. Our governments need to spend more time and more money on NEO detection and a bunch of people freaking out might nudge the right people to pay attention to this subject.

If this thing had been 2-3 times as massive, we still wouldn't have detected it, and it could have killed a lot of people. If it had been 5-10 times more massive, we'd be talking about how Russia was going to recover after losing a city of a couple million people.
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