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Re: The Walking Dead Season 3

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I always imagined it was a biological attack of some sort.

Since everyone is infected, I would think it's an airborne pathogen. And as 12 Monkeys showed us, the best way to disseminate something like that is at an international airport.

I would expect if it was an attack, it would replicate quickly. So release it in the terminals, and let it find thousands of hosts headed all over the world. And once planes with the infected land, the pathogen spreads out and infects others. I could see the infection being loose in every city with a large airport world wide within 24 hours.

I wouldn't key the pathogen to kill, just infect. Let it do it's job when someone dies. This site tells us about 155,000 people die a day. And the number would go up when the dead don't stay dead and create more like them.
OK cool stats but of those 155,000 how many are murder/suicide/car accident/fire and so on with potential head trauma?

That and we have seen that some reanimate quickly and then others take days, I find it hard to believe that it would spread so quickly and not be contained.

I get that George bites Bill and Bill bites Suzy and so on but somewhere along the lines G.I. Joe or Billy Bob redneck is going to step in an kill 10-20 in a ratio comparison.
Let alone Attack helicopter/tank Vs. Herd, me thinks that would be pretty one sided.
Heck a tank would never have to fire, just drive around.
There are a couple of things you have to consider. First would be this taking a foothold before anyone realizes what is going on. Hospital staff would be the first to go because they are the front line to the first cases.

Also there is the human factor. People will be in shock at the horror of the situation, and will not react rationally. Many will elect to be with their families rather than where they are supposed to be.

A lack of knowledge will also allow this to spread. Head shots are not the first thought of anyone firing a gun, especially those using automatic or semi-automatic weapons. Tearing up a walking corpse by torso shots, and having it keep on coming may discourage many shooters, and they may give up shooting before trying a more difficult head shot.

I think in the first week or so is when the zombies will maximize their numbers, due to fear and ignorance of the situation. Then it will become very difficult to effectively eradicate them.

Even with an attack helicopter, only head shots will stop them. you may chew them up a bit, but if they can move, they will keep moving.

So there were never any Zombie movies in this universes?
practically everyone knows you have to shoot them in the head.
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