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Correct me if i'm wrong but once a Trill is joined to a host dont they become reliant upon the host and tend to die once unjoined which is why they have to go on being joined to new hosts once their current host expires?
Perhaps, perhaps not. We know for sure that the hosts don't take well to being weaned from symbionts; as per "Invasive Procedures", they typically die if the symbiont is removed. But the opposite case is not well explored.

Odan and Dax both had hosts die from under (around) them, and there was hurry involved in finding a replacement; in Odan's case, there was even the need for a short-term "intermediate" host. But the host deaths in both cases were particularly traumatic, and a death more akin to that of Curzon might leave the symbiont less shaken and possibly capable of walking (that is, crawling) out unassisted and taking a sabbatical before ordering the most recent catalog for available hosts.

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