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Re: Star Wars: The Old Republic anticipation thread.

Maybe I've just been really lucky, but I've been in a log-in queue all of twice since the game went F2P and the wait have never been very long (5mins tops.) Even when it says 'server full' when I log in there's almost never any problem.

So anyway, so far we have votes for Covenant, Harb, Red Eclipse & Jung Ma...could we get anymore spread out?
Honestly, if we plan to start new alts from scratch the server doesn't matter so much. What we really need to decide is what faction should we favour and what classes do we pick?

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I asked a guldie who buys a lot of stuff and said 1000:1 is a general rule of thumb. It fluctuates depending on supply/demand obviously, but from what I could tell (checked different items on a couple of servers) from my simple math, things seemed to range in the 800-1200 area. So that sounds about right.

I saw a couple of account artifacts on Harbinger for 700k. I would've bought one for you but I'm flat broke. I've been wasting money on crafting materials to max out my recipe books. But if you want me to, I can gold farm and probably have it by Tuesday.
I'd certainly appreciate it! My operative on Harb has around 300K right now and enough resources in reserve to make that again within a week. So I should be able to pay back half right up front. The pain of it is though, it'd have to be a face-to face trade since afaik even prefs aren't allowed to mail credits. If you want to PM me with the name of one of your Harb server characters, I'll add to friends in game the next time I log on.

Incidentally, the main way I make credits with that character is selling mats on GTN, so if you need any for crafting that comes from slicing, scavenging or Underworld Trading, I should be able to get you some if I don't already have it in stock.

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