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Re: My "Just Saw Insurrection For the First Time" Review.

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On point 1, the Federation apparently could not collect the radiation without rendering the planet uninhabitable. If they could find a way to collect it without killing the Ba'ku, that might be acceptable. But they certainly couldn't go through with the So'na plan, since that would kill 600 innocent people on the planet.
They can and should've went through with the plan. The Ba'ku needed to be moved in order for the Federation to collect a resource in Federation space.

On point 2, it seems that the Federation routinely protected pre-warp planets within its territory. Once a planet met the criteria for first contact, that would open up the opportunity to discuss the planet's future relationship with the Federation. I suspect if a given species told the Federation to get fucked, the Feds would withdraw from that system and respect their wishes. If the planet was later attacked by a hostile force and asked for help, the Federation would probably come to their rescue.
I can guarantee that if the Federation caught wind of a Romulan invasion that was going to cut through Malcorian (First Contact) space, they would make a stand there if it made sense regardless of what the Malcorians think. See Errand of Mercy.

Basically, the Federation is supposed to be the "good guys."
Ideally yes. But the good guys are still wise to pay attention to logic, common sense and extraordinary circumstance. If the Prime Directive was a hard and fast rule, it wouldn't have forty-seven subsections. We wouldn't have the Omega Directive.

Now for the record (something I've stated before), I don't think Meta-phasic radiation is a game changer for the Federation. My reasons for moving the Ba'ku are more about the long-term survival of the Ba'ku and the likelyhood Starfleet would become involved in a protracted conflict over control of the Briar Patch at some point in the future.
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