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Re: a 198'' model of the USS Enterprise NCC 1701-A

good morning everyone! what a great Monday morning this is.

today, cutting parts on the cnc router table! WOOOT!!!

the parts are for the rings forming the secondary hull. I'll take pictures and film too. If all goes well, this evening she will start to take form.

to publiusr - i think i'll stick to the Enterprise A. Thanks for the links, those are very cool concepts and perhaps some elements could be included in Enterprise.

to CuttingEdge100 - TMP Enterprise has a very cool paint job indeed. Did not take time to study colors and 'finish' variations yet, could you be of assistance?

to William66 - you can email me at or you through facebook

building a project like this, i don't think it's been done before. There are a few very large model of Enterprise but it's usually exterior only and if it has some interior parts it's still not the entire ship. Meaning that you don't plan a hangar addition to a hollow model the same way you would for a model that is made deck for deck.

making the superstructure of the ship is proving to be a MAJOR challenge. Since i'm pretty sure it won't be right on the first try, i am making it in a way that parts can be changed. It's sounds complicated but it is not.

Contacted Mr. Probert to get some guidelines on how he envisioned Enterprise. From there, went back to make corrections to what was drawn. Trying to use as much as possible reference from 'official' sources for what's known and keeping as original to 'trek' design for the unknown.

Finally, to honor the people who worked on Enterprise, i'm trying to put in a bit of everyone's designs and ideas.

that's about it for the moment. Pictures coming soon


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