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Re: The Doomsday Machine - why no photon torpodoes?

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Then again, if torpedoes are the preferred weapon in long range or high speed fights, "Arena" and TNG era style, it would make sense for Decker to have tried them out in his reputed initial long range engagement. If they proved useless there, Decker would not try and use them when commanding the Enterprise, either.
Phasers proved useless on the Constellation, both banks were drained and yet Decker had no problem trying to use them on the Enterprise.
DECKER: I made a mistake then. We were too far away. This time I'm going to hit it with full phasers at point-blank range.
Robert Comsol wrote:
That sounds like a good theory but would that not have also incapacitated the Enterprise to make use of her matter-antimatter energy ("warp power")?
I think that's what eventually gets the Enterprise. As she closed, her shields were already under some kind of load despite not being directly fired upon yet. Once the shields were drained the antimatter probably would've been deactivated as well. A photon torpedo probably would've been drained sooner.
SULU: Closing fast.
SPOCK: Deflector shields at full power. They can't take much more of this.
DECKER: Helmsman, hold your course. Stand by all phaser banks.
SULU: Aye, aye, sir.
SPOCK: Deflectors holding, but weakening. We must retreat, Commodore. The energy drain...

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