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Re: Would TMP have been better had they used the TOS uniforms?

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I think Bob Wise or somebody else later justified the decision by saying the TOS color sceme wouldn't have photographed well on the big screen, but Trek 2009 seems to have proven that wrong...
I would think this was partly down to the era it was filmed, most other scifi movies/shows from the time had a very similar colourscheme.

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Maybe the rest of the uniforms should have taken a leaf out of Kirk's uniform, and been two-tone in color? White up the middle, with divisional colors on the sides, arms and pants. One of the things that I think torpedoes the TMP uniforms is that most of them are one colour from head to toe.
Kirks Admiral Uniform was my second favourite regular uniform of the film, I always liked the metal Starfleet insignia (to focus in on one specific element). My favourite was another 2-tone, and another of Kirks, I always liked the look of the short sleeve white top he wore with a pair of the grey trousers. The 2 piece uniforms were also much better than the 1 piece.

TOS uniforms would have looked better, and I always wanted to see the TMP Bridge with the crew wearing a variation of the classic uniform.

It wouldnt have made the film any different though.
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