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Re: Best Audio Book?

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I appreciated staying focussed this time rather the wheel of sliders they gave us last year.

If you thought it seemed short, there's another 3 episodes coming in October.

Although how did the native Romana to that world have a copy of Princess Astra's body if the Regenerators were never sent to look for the key to time by the White Guardian?

It's almost like "someone" prepared the way for their tumble through the multiverse.
Heh, burned them to disk, and yea, I thought it did seem short at only 3 disks, but, yea, knowing another Series is due out in Octoner, kind of explained it to me.

So, I ended up buying the next 3 Evelyn/Colin stories (Spectre of Lang Moor, The Apocalypse Element, and Bloodtide), which all look cool, The Brig, Romana and The Daleks and Silurians.

So, when I finish HP6, I'll have a Whoniverse Feast.

Gallifrey 5.4 (Re-listen to remind me where we left off)
Gallifrey 6
Voyage to The New World and to Venus
Evelyn's first 4 Stories (First will be a re-listen)
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