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Re: Star Ship Polaris

We don't plan to release the Farpoint preview online, but I want everyone to have a chance to appreciate a few moments of the great work that's been and is being done on the movie by our incredible cast and crew - and particularly in the last several months by the post production artists who are pivotal in the ongoing effort to make this movie a reality:

Maurice Molyneaux - our film editor as well a producer who also served as 1st AD, set decorator, artist, background player and a great deal more. He's become the axis on which this project turn.

Michael Struck of NEO f/x - responsible for all the CG effects you see in the clip. Talented, patient, endlessly inventive and responsive on very short notice;
Ralph Miller - our Sound Designer, whose great contributions are very much in evidence here;

Hetoreyn - his work as a composer is unfortunately not presented in this short clip, but he did incredible work on very short turnaround for our convention presentation.

To all of them as well as to our actors and crew for their hard work over several years and ongoing encouragement and support - and to the folks who came out to see us on February 16th at Farpoint - I offer my sincerest thanks and gratitude.

This clip features Paul R. Sieber as Sam Fredericks, Nick J Cook as Duncan, Susan Cirrincione as "Howie" Howard, and Eric Ebersole as Frank Hudson.

Other actors who appear in the clip include Romel Punsal, Lucita Faria, Case Aiken, Gina Hernandez and Erik Braa.
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