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Re: The politics of the Prime Directive

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Indeed, the only time it has been applied to an apparent civilian (in the sense of limiting the options of that civilian, not in the sense of protecting the civilian from Starfleet action) is in "Bread and Circuses", where the commanding officer of SS Beagle was to be dragged away in chains for violating it. But the status of said officer as a "civilian" might be disputed...
Honestly, I suspect he would have been in more trouble for manipulating himself into a postion of luxury while his crew were condemned to gladiator fights, and then trying the exact same thing on the crew of a Starfleet ship than he would doing actions Starfleet considers against the Prime Directive.

We do know that Kesprytt was considered for membership despite having a territory that wasn't part of the unified global government, but likely due to the events of the episode their membership was rejected.
So in theory, split planets are quite eligible; in practice, it's just not done, especially if the first serious attempt at it ends badly.
I doubt a planet with a fractured political landscape like Earth of today would be considered for Federation membership and indeed usually 100% unity is required. Though since Kesprytt was something like 97% percent unified the Federation decided it was worth further review and in the end rejected it anyway.
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