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Re: New Frontier?

So I've read the other thread, and pretty much the only continuity problem I can see that can't (or hasn't already) been explained away is the Ogawa thing. Considering IfM takes place in 2383 and the last published Titan book takes place in 2382, couldn't they just say in a future book that Ogawa left Titan for awhile, then went back after the Challenger was destroyed?

The Nog thing has been referenced in a subsequent novel, Geordi being on the Challenger has been referenced in a subsequent novel, the Sela characterization apparently was explained away. The Leah Brahms thing? Didn't Christopher say there is 14 months or something inbetween, maybe they broke up and Harstad came back to the Enterprise?

I don't know, just seems stupid to throw out a book from the canon, when all you have to do is drop a few creative continuity fixes.

Also, isn't it never actually confirmed that Morgan Primus is Number One from Pike's Enterprise? So that really would dismiss any differences in the books.
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