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Re: John Doe senior Enterprise officers in "The Enterprise Incident"

Memory Beta lists various security chiefs from the novel continuity. The only recurring character is one Ingrit Thomson, an unlikely match for the man (?) in red seen here... I don't recognize the two chiefs whose entries remain to be written, Cruz or Kinitz.

But I guess it's a safe bet that the Commander we see is indeed the newest security boss, and that a person of such approximate rank would always have been in charge of Kirk's redshirt force, even if typically remaining offscreen.

We could still associate this officer with the vaguely similar-looking TAS character of Gabler, seen in both engineering and security redshirt duties in that series, if we wished. We'd just have to assume that Gabler got busted in rank at some point, or that the TOS episode takes place after the relevant TAS ones.

No idea how to track down the possible novelverse identity of the goldshirt...

Timo Saloniemi
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