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problems with Damar and Kira

I really liked the character arc for Damar, but what I could not find convincing is how quickly he seemed to accommodate himself to working with someone he despised.
There should have been more conflict between them.

Somewhere in the DS9 Companion it says that the writers thought introducing open conflict between Damar and Kira at that stage would be "a step back" in Damar's character arc. I don't see how. When he says to his reactionary friend Rusot that he used to hate her, but can no longer afford that hate, it should have been him saying that he still hates her, but can no longer afford it. And there should have been some little scene where they nearly come to blows, or something like it.
This wouldn't have diminished his character; in fact it would have made his whole attitude more convincing, to have shown him really struggling with his animosity but willing to swallow it down for the sake of patriotism.

And talking of coming to blows, the one scene in the occupation arc where they do had me screaming at the television. Much as I love Kira but she shouldn't have been able to beat him in a straight fight. I mean, I'm sure she can take care of herself in a scrap, don't get me wrong - but still she's a rather slightly built female, he's a solid-looking male.

Plus it's mentioned in "Indiscretion" that the average Cardassian has greater physical strength than the average Bajoran. Add the male/female average discrepancy on top of that, and the only way she could put him to trouble was if she'd had the element of surprise or hit him over the head with a heavy object.

So she was a freedom fighter, that mainly meant hit-and-run attacks with explosives or phasers, there'd rarely be any hand-to-hand. Damar's a professional soldier on the other hand, and I bet the Cardassian military expect their troops to do daily drills. Having her deck him like that and he doesn't even get a single blow in was ridiculously unrealistic.
I reckon it was just the writers pleasing themselves again - they just fancied the idea of Kira getting to beat up Damar and to heck with the fact it's impossible to buy...

Opinions on either point...?
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