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heehee, you're an e-reader

today's rant: the new colleague keeps asking me all kinds of stuff. While I have indeed a very wide education, I am not a walking enzyclopedia. I am a biologist, for heaven's sake! I don't know if there is a speed limit for ships on the Danube river or if someone ever thought of taking sediment samples from locks.
That's what google, port authorities, water police and geologists are there for!

And no, drowned animals must not be shoved back into the river - it would count as organic pollution and cost 4k Euros at minimum. They have to be collected and sent to the nearest carcass disposal facility. And who has to collect them depends on who is responsible for the respective river/creek section. The local River Ranger should know the names and phone numbers. And the organisation chart lists the RRs by district.

And no, printers in the other wing of the building don't fall under my competence, as they are zero % biological. But yes, it's completely ok that two strangers just carried the printer/scanner/photocopyer away. (Which I know only because I happened to overhear the admins saying it has to undergo a major repair and we'd get another for the time being.)

Argh! Next time he'll ask me if I happen to know what colour the US-President's underwear has!!
(btw - does anyone happen to know if Obama wears boxers or briefs? I'd consider him quite the briefs type)
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