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Re: Episode of the Week: 2x01 The Child

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Considering it's so obvious how their relationship is going to go even at this stage, it amazes me how many people hated her right from the off when she's obviously someone who is going to learn a lesson.
While I certainly understand the Data/Pulaski relationship needed to start on the rough side, there were several moments about Pulaski that just screamed unprofessionalism. How do you justify not greeting the captain of the ship you're about to serve under, let alone interrupt him when he's trying to meet you in person for the first time?

And Pulaski's role in Troi's pregnancy was also not handled well. Doctor/Patient confidentiality is a very serious issue, and when Troi comes to Pulaski regarding this unknown pregnancy, they don't go to sick bay, they go to the bar..... where there are other crew members around. This was NOT the place to shoot the scene. If anything, it should have either been in Sickbay or in Troi's quarters. At least if it was in Troi's quarters, Picard could have figured out for himself that Pulaski was helping Troi with something serious and not deliberately avoiding the Captain. There could have been a nice moment for Picard to appreciate Pulaski's commitment to her job by putting duty first first and saving formalities for later.
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