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Re: Russia reports amazing meteorite strike

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It was the number one story on NBC Nightly News!

"The Russian meter, the close comet, the California light, are we safe? ARe you going to die? Is the end near?! We will ask some dumbass who can't read the script! Then have more on Dateline!"

As a child I saw a massive comet in the sky, it didn't explode, then when I was hiking in 2002 there was a massive boom, then an Earthquake. They claimed it was a meteorite that crashed in upstate NY, but they never found the crash site. These things happen. The Russian one is scary, but rocks ht the Earth every day, most we don't need to worry about.
In the grand list of things to complain about in the media, giving higher priority to the rarer (than in the countryside) sighting of a highly visible meteorite coming down over light polluted major cities mere hours after a meteorite causing over a thousand injuries in Russia and before a near Earth asteroid flyby doesn't seem like it should be one of them.

This wasn't just some tiny streak of light across the sky nowhere near the city:

Saying it's a sign of the end of days is irresponsible, I agree, but just covering it at the top of the news isn't.
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