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Re: VOY Caption Contest 103; A Hard Time

Kim: I'm gonna kick your ass, Naomi

Chakotay: That's not how you do the Vulcan neck pinch Mr Neelix
Carey: I think we should let Neelix explore his own technique, commander

Paris: Who designed this room, it's just awful
Tuvok: Logic would suggest....
Paris: Oh shove your logic up your arse Tuvok
Neelix: Someone didn't get any last night
Paris: Fuck you Neelix! ok, just fuck you!

Janeway: Can you wake him doctor
Doctor: Has there ever been an episode where i couldn't

Chakotay: So if i roll a six, you'll take my advice on at least one occasion in the next seven years
Janeway: You bet
Twisted Transcript
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