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Except in this case, the current editor (that being Ed Schlesinger) was the editor of the last few New Frontier novels. So it's not like he hasn't worked with PAD in the past.
Didn't Blind Man's Bluff have some minor continuity errors vs. the rest of the novelverse? You know, kinda like Indistinguishable From Magic did...
What continuity errors did Indistinguishable from Magic have?

And even if there isn't another NF novel, I would like somebody somewhere to give us an explantion of the whole Nechayev thing. PLEASE!!!!

Also, I'm in the process of going back and getting all the earlier NF novels. I was wondering about some of the books that are part of other series, such as Gateways, Double Helix, Captain's Table etc. Do the non-NF books in those series fit in continuity-wise with the current Relaunch era novels, or are there a lot of continuity mistakes? Just curious.

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