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Re: So many horrible characters aboard the Voyager

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I do not recommend watching Voyager, I strongly recommend no one watch it. Save yourself the trouble, the show is pretty bad. I've seen all seven seasons and it's just bad. Like I said, Voyager killed Star Trek. It will take years to recover from this mess.
So uhh.. how'd you like Enterprise?
I'm currently researching the show somewhat. My biggest concern is if Enterprise has a proper ending in season 4. I really like how DS9 ended and was hoping enterprise would have something just as epic.

What does that matter? Lots of great tv shows had no proper finale, heck they didn't even do tv show finale's in TOS's day afaict. And lots of great tv shows had horrible finales. There's a lot of pressure on a finale, if it doesn't work out it doesn't make what preceded it any less.

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