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Realistically I want someone who is kind and compatible, who shares my overal worldview and who shares mutual attraction. Not a tough guy or a bad boy, but a sweetheart with the same kind of cynical mean streak that I possess.

I also want enough money to pay off my student loans and my mom's house, the opportunity to go to grad school for a phd in neuroscience, a nice apartment that I get to decorate myself, to travel more, and eventually two sons, one biological and one adopted, named Ludo and Milo, the successful publishing of my novel and children's books, and a cure for type 1 diabetes, an end to poverty, a peaceful secular world, and the launch of an internationally collaborative space exploration program.
I am and can provide you almost none of these things. I am, however, a fantastic bullshitter, and can, at the very least, promise you all of them.

Anyway, as for myself, my wish list is rather simple:

* Alive
* A legal adult
* Good hygiene
* Sense of humor
* Compassionate

I'm flexible with everything else.

"But John," you say, "what can you provide to a potential partner?"

Excellent question, anonymous, interested third party! I can offer the following, and have the following talents and/or abilities:

* I'm a good cook.
* I am a thorough and efficient house cleaner.
* I'm a capable and experienced handyman.
* I am well read.
* I am a capable singer, and can also mix it up on the dance floor.
* I can hold conversations on thousands of topics.
* I am compassionate and kind.
* I listen to your needs.
* I am slow to anger.
* I bathe regularly.
* I'm a romantic.
* I am completely comfortable with my sexuality.
* I'm a rationalist, but I do have strong emotions, particularly when it comes to love and acceptance.
* I'm honest to a fault without being abrasive.
* I have long fingers and a very strong tongue.
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