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Re: Skyfall - Grading & Discussion

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Er, he was all huffy towards her in CR and QoS to, in fact you could argue his view is exactly the same in all three films. "You should have trusted me." in fact the film where M has a point is arguably CR because Bond is an idiot in it.
Maybe, but at least there he's doing his best, which is pretty darn good, and is huffy only when he thinks M is holding him back. In Skyfall, however, he repeatedly fails spectacularly (doesn't secure the agent list, doesn't even attempt to save the Hong Kong shooting victim, doesn't tell Q it might not be such a great idea to plug Silva's computer right into the MI6 network, and apparently doesn't notice several large gas cannisters while booby-trapping the manor), deserts the service, then doesn't point out the obvious - that he isn't fit for duty - upon his return, and is huffy all the while towards M because she's more correct than he is.
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