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^It's fucking freezing here. I wouldn't mind a nice warm cat in my bed.

Or a nice warm man...

Aged 29-34, with skin somewhere between the color of straight espresso and alabaster -- I don't really care, so long as it's smooth, with excellent hygiene, a healthy to absurdly skeptical worldview, good fashion sense, large and manly yet elegant hands (I'm a fan of long fingers, he is welcome to be a pianist), a high-paying job in the sciences or engineering, a lean and athletic build (and a fondness for athletic but curvy women), a strong feminist attitude, good sense of humor, not too clingy, preferably with a sexy accent (I'm thinking Scottish or English, though I've begun to develop more of an appreciation for the Aussies' and Kiwi's accents than I used to have), and a cat person.
Give me a few months and 29 is a go. Excellent hygiene, check. Fashion sense, yes, when I can find clothes large enough that are also stylish. Hands are...proportionate, large, but not overly long fingers. High-paying job...well, got one of the higher hourly wages of people I know., could be worked on. The fondness is a check though. Accent is slightly derpy Swedish. Have actually become a cat person after my mom got two a few years ago.

But, and I think this is a big point in my favor, I have a high core temp. So I am warm. And I am cuddly.
"I am who I am. Someone has to be."-Brendan Gleeson as Reynald in Kingdom of Heaven. - Emher
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