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Re: Does season 4 of enterprise have closure like DS9's finale had?

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I'm just wondering if the show ends properly with a proper finale.
There was a slim possibility that the show was coming back, so there was a Manny Coto & the Reeves-Stevens' two-parter ("Demons"/"Terra Prime") that many people like to think of as the real finale of Archer's adventures, tying up a few loose ends, followed by a final episode that Berman & Braga had written some time earlier, "These Are the Voyages...", that features two rather unusual flashwards and a few events that many fans were very scornful about.

The final words and visuals, though, are delightful and pay suitable homage to previous ST series about ships named Enterprise (Picard, Kirk and Archer).

Had ENT gone seven seasons, and spun off into feature films, they'd probably have addressed the Romulan/Earth Wars and/or the aftermath of same, as the timeframe was about correct.
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