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It had not been found necessary or even particularly desirable to bomb these so-called "military targets."
Prior to the atomic bombing, Nagasaki had been bombed nine times before.

Hiroshima would have become a real problem in the event of a allied invasion. And some Japanese cities were being kept from bombing so that any atomic bombing of them would have had more of a psychological effect on the Japanese leadership. However, if America hadn't been able to get the atomic bomb to work prior to an invasion, Hiroshima would have been conventionally bombed.

What precisely was the threat to "Great Britain?"
Oh, things like the Blitz, preparing to invade it, cutting off of it's food supply, invading it's allies. You know, little things like that.

And, pray tell, who were the Nazi leadership?
The Leader, the Chancellery of the Führer, the Reichsleiters, and the upper level political leadership corps of the Nazi Party (certainly the Gauleiters).

Military officers in general? I wouldn't think so. But pretty much the entire SS would have had to go.

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