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Re: Young Justice, Green Lantern return January 5th

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I guess you could say that, as a villain, he's not that skilled at the whole saving-people thing, so he used inappropriately reckless methods and did more harm than good.
I think that's fair, yeah.

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None can resist the power of Keith David's voice...

"Connor, why are you punching Goliath!?"

"Stop it Cassie, that's Captain/Counselor/Admiral Anderson, he's a good guy!"

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My one gripe is that the Karen and Mal stuff hasn't been doing anything for me all season and I wish we could've spent more time with Cassie or Babs or Tim or Gar.
Yeah, it would be nice to get to know Wonder Girl and Batgirl better. Although I can't fault the showrunners for wanting to spread out the focus to a more ethnically diverse group.
Legit point, to be sure. Rocket's another one I should have mentioned too - I have the feeling we might not find out who she's marrying, if it's anybody important, because learning that was planned for season 3 - because she seemed like a really fun character that never got much chance to shine. Maybe the upcoming video game will give her more to do?

It's more that Mal and Karen's "difficulties" have just... annoyed me for some reason, I dunno. Seeing her work with Ray Palmer is fun, seeing him take up the Guardian suit too. Meh, I'm just griping now.

I've really liked how much focus Jaime has gotten - I think he's become the definitive Blue Beetle by this point between various media portrayals, something Ryan Choi for example wasn't able to do as Atom.

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^Oh, yeah. Well, then, I guess his thinking was that with the situation heating up, he wanted to tighten his control on whoever he saw as an enemy, including M'gann.
That's a reasonable explanation, yeah. Plus another possibility occurred to me that he might have anticipated her actual plan of using telepathy to her advantage to collude with Cheshire and escape somehow while making the fight "look good."
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