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Re: Netflix Presents: House of Cards (US) *SPOILERS*

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^ While I realize to each their own, one of the things I love about the series are the occasional asides as Frank narrates his thought processes. I don't see that very often in a TV show, and of course Kevin Spacey adds just the right punch to it, in my opinion.
I think narration is cheating. I don't like it when they do it in Star Trek. I think if you can't find a way to get what needs to be said on camera, write a book. But, like you said, to each his own.
The difference though is that this isn't narration... it's breaking the fourth wall. Frank is talking directly to us, as if we were in the room with him and witnessing his acts. Narration is a completely different storytelling device, and could be a third party observer or it could be the thoughts of a character in retrospect. I think it's well done in this series, and it's not entirely done with verbal cues. Frank gives knowing glances to the camera as well, without having to say a word. An omnipresent observer can't give a knowing glance to the camera.
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