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Re: Dark Territory: Shadow Puppets (Revised)

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Château de Saint Brisson
Residence of Presidential Chief of Staff

Garth Logan paced the floor of his private office, his arms locked behind his back, his mind constantly replaying the conversation he had just had with Volok. How was it possible? He maddeningly pondered. How had the Romulan outthought him?

How had he made Logan look like a fool? Was it Eleuth? Visala? Or some other hole in his plan?

Even Madsen didn’t know about the true contents in Glover’s case. If the Tal Diann had captured and tortured her, it would’ve been to no avail. She couldn’t have told them anything.

Somehow he had been outmaneuvered, and it roiled him greatly. Stopping in front of his desk, he slammed his fists onto its unyielding surface. His knuckles cracked and the vibration shook both his arms.

His pain receptors had been reduced since the accident that had once scarred most of his body. However he remembered the special agony that one Section 31 operative, the mysterious Morgan, had inflicted upon him once for overstepping his bounds. Logan shivered at the thought of how the Directorate would deign to punish him once they found out about his side deal with Volok.

Losing the Iconian probe was bad enough, but how he lost it could cost him such torment that death would be a mercy. He looked up at the ceiling, saying aloud, “Now would be a good time to give me some advice,” the man implored. There was only silence.

Sighing, his whole body deflating, Logan began to think of the best way to salvage the situation. Swallowing his pride, he moved around his desk and sat down. Activating his personal computer and gritting his teeth, Logan made the call, “Admiral Visala’s office please.”
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